Our Story

Paceley Constructors, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Barry Paceley in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has prospered for over four decades and strives to provide quality construction in a timely manner at a fair value.

Our Approach

Paceley Constructors, Inc. was originally founded on necessity and for the enjoyment of building. The company grew and developed under the principles of skill, integrity, and responsibility.

Today, it finds itself operating in a customer centric atmosphere which motivates the staff of Paceley to strive to keep themselves available, reliable, and accountable to our customers, our subcontractors, our suppliers, and to each other.

Our Values

  • Quality Construction
  • On Time and On Budget Delivery
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Customer Satisfaction

Meet the Team


Barry Paceley

President & Founder



Phone: (602) 549-0401

Email: Barry@paceley.net

Joan Paceley

Corporate Secretary & Treasurer

Phone: (602) 549-0398

Email: Joan@paceley.net.


Robert Edenfield

Project Manager



Phone: (602) 361-2876

Email: Robert.Edenfield@paceley.net

Ian Cole

Project Coordinator

Phone: (602) 653-4344

Email: Ian.Cole@paceley.net

Dylan Reh

Project Associate

Phone: (480) 868-9230

Email: Dylan.Reh@paceley.net

Jonathan (JJ) Metz

Project Associate

Phone: (520) 309-1051

Email: JJ.Metz@paceley.net

Elizabeth Mills

Office Administrator

Phone: (602) 273-7400


Jamie Paceley

Technical Support..


Phone: (602) 273-7400

Next Steps…

We’re always looking for experienced subcontractors of all trades that embrace our same values at a fair price to the customer.

Contact us for present or future opportunities.